Yakovlev aircraft manufacturerGeneral information about Yakovlev, the aerospace company in Russia

The Yak Aircraft Corporation (formerly the A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau JSC) is a Russian aircraft designer and manufacturer. Its head office is in Moscow.

Airliners, transport and utility aircraft

Yak-6/NBB (1943 - military transport/night bomber)
Yak-10 "Crow" (1945 - liaison, commuter transport)
Yak- "Creek" (1946 - liaison, general purpose utility aircraft)
Yak-14 "Mare" (1948 - military transport glider)
Yak-18T (1967 - 4 seat aerobatic trainer)
Yak-40 "Codling" (1966 - commercial passenger)
Yak-42 "Clobber" (1977 - commercial passenger, developed from Yak-40)
Yak-58 (1993 - light utility)
Yak-112 (1993 - general purpose)