Embraer aircraft manufacturerGeneral information about Embraer, the aerospace company in Brazil

Embraer S.A. is a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate that produces commercial, military, executive and agricultural aircraft[5] and provides aeronautical services. It is headquartered São José dos Campos, São Paulo State.

The company currently competes internationally with Canadian rival Bombardier for the title of third-largest airplane maker after Airbus and Boeing.

The company's headquarters and a production base are in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil. It also has production bases in the State of São Paulo at Botucatu, Eugênio de Melo and Gavião Peixoto. The company has offices in Beijing, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (US), Paris, Singapore, and Washington, DC (US).

In October 2010, Embraer suggested plans to develop very-long-range business jets, entering a sector currently dominated by Gulfstream, Bombardier, and Dassault. In October 2013 they unveiled the Lineage 1000E.

In May 2011, Embraer announced that it was considering building a larger airliner than the E-jets, with five-abreast seating, but, eventually, choose to develop the second generation of its E-Jet family, as E-jets E2.

In Feb 2014, India's newest airline, Air Costa, announced an order for 50 E-jets E2 aircraft worth $2.94 billion at list price. The order has an option for another 50 planes.