Oriental Air Bridge ( /NGK )General information and contact details of Oriental Air Bridge, the regional passenger airline in Japan

Oriental Air Bridge
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regional passenger airline
  Website  orc-air.co.jp
  +81 957 53 7111
  +81 957 53 6592
Oriental Air Bridge 593-2 Mishima-cho Omura-shi Nagasaki 856-0816 JAPAN

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Oriental Air Bridge

Oriental Air Bridge is passenger airline, based in Japan and operates regional flights to different places , includingAsia. The most popular destinations are Nagasaki, Kyushu, Tsushima, Tsushima-Shimono Island, Fukue, Fukue Island, Iki, Iki Island and Fukuoka, Kyoshu.

The Oriental Air Bridge most popular aircrafts are DH8B.

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