New Sapporo International Airport Destinations and AirlinesThe destinations, direct connections and airlines operating in New Sapporo International Airport - Sapporo/Chitose, Hokkaido

DestinationCountryIATA linkAirport AirlinesAirlines 11 1
Toyama, Honshu Japan TOY schedule from CTS to TOY Toyama Airport 2h 35m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Okayama, Honshu Japan OKJ schedule from CTS to OKJ Okayama Airport 2h 15m NHHD All Nippon Airways,AIRDO, Asia Eastern Asia
Osaka, Honshu Japan ITM schedule from CTS to ITM Itami 2h 2m NHJL All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Osaka, Honshu Japan KIX schedule from CTS to KIX Kansai International Airport 2h 17m NHJLMMGK All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Peach,Go One Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Fukushima, Honshu Japan FKS schedule from CTS to FKS Fukushima Airport 1h 25m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Nagoya, Honshu Japan NGO schedule from CTS to NGO Chu-bu Centrair International Airport 2h 53m NHJLBCHDGKDJ All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Skymark Airlines,AIRDO,Go One Airways,AirAsia Japan, Asia Eastern Asia
Kushiro, Hokkaido Japan KUH schedule from CTS to KUH Kushiro Airport 1h 45m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Shizuoka, Honshu Japan FSZ schedule from CTS to FSZ Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport 2h 52m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Tokyo Japan NRT schedule from CTS to NRT New Tokyo International Airport 2h 38m NHJLIJJWGK All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Great Wall Airlines,Vanilla Air,Go One Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Memanbetsu, Hokkaido Japan MMB schedule from CTS to MMB Memambetsu Airport 1h 45m NHJL All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan HKD schedule from CTS to HKD Hakodate Airport 1h 40m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Japan SHB schedule from CTS to SHB Nakashibetsu Airport 1h 50m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Niigata, Honshu Japan KIJ schedule from CTS to KIJ Niigata Airport 1h 12m NHJL All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Morioka, Honshu Japan HNA schedule from CTS to HNA Hanamaki 1h 58m JL Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Sendai, Honshu Japan SDJ schedule from CTS to SDJ Sendai Airport 1h 10m NHJLHDMM All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,AIRDO,Peach, Asia Eastern Asia
Matsumoto, Honshu Japan MMJ schedule from CTS to MMJ Matsumoto Airport 2h 35m JH Fuji Dream, Asia Eastern Asia
Yamagata, Honshu Japan GAJ schedule from CTS to GAJ Yamagata Airport JH Fuji Dream, Asia Eastern Asia
Akita, Honshu Japan AXT schedule from CTS to AXT Akita Airport 1h 5m NHJL All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Wakkanai, Hokkaido Japan WKJ schedule from CTS to WKJ Wakkanai Airport 1h 55m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Tsuchiura, Honshu Japan IBR schedule from CTS to IBR Hyakuri 1h 25m BC Skymark Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Aomori, Honshu Japan AOJ schedule from CTS to AOJ Aomori Airport 1h 50m NHJL All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Rishiri Island
Japan RIS schedule from CTS to RIS Rishiri Island 0h 0m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Hiroshima, Honshu Japan HIJ schedule from CTS to HIJ Hiroshima Airport 2h 8m NHJLHD All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,AIRDO, Asia Eastern Asia
Kobe, Honshu Japan UKB schedule from CTS to UKB Kobe Airport 2h 4m NHBCHD All Nippon Airways,Skymark Airlines,AIRDO, Asia Eastern Asia
Fukuoka, Kyoshu Japan FUK schedule from CTS to FUK Itazuke AFB 3h 30m NHJLBCMM All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Skymark Airlines,Peach, Asia Eastern Asia
Komatsu, Honshu Japan KMQ schedule from CTS to KMQ Kanazawa 2h 45m NH All Nippon Airways, Asia Eastern Asia
Tokyo Japan HND schedule from CTS to HND Haneda 2h 36m NHJLBCHD All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines,Skymark Airlines,AIRDO, Asia Eastern Asia
Hangzhou, Zhejiang China HGH schedule from CTS to HGH Xiaoshan International Airport HU Hainan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Tianjin, Tianjin China TSN schedule from CTS to TSN Tianjin Binhai International Airport 4h 5m GS Tianjin Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Nanjing, Jiangsu China NKG schedule from CTS to NKG Nanjing Lukou International Airport MUHO China Eastern Airlines,Juneyao Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Beijing China PEK schedule from CTS to PEK Capital 5h 40m CA Air China, Asia Eastern Asia
Shanghai China PVG schedule from CTS to PVG Pudong International Airport 4h 7m MUHO9C China Eastern Airlines,Juneyao Airlines,Spring Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Busan South Korea PUS schedule from CTS to PUS Gimhae 3h 43m KEBX Korean Air,Air Busan, Asia Eastern Asia
Daegu South Korea TAE schedule from CTS to TAE Daegu International Airport BX Air Busan, Asia Eastern Asia
Seoul South Korea ICN schedule from CTS to ICN Incheon International Airport 3h 4m OZKELJZETW7C Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,Jin Air,Eastar Jet,Tway Air,Coyne Airways , Asia Eastern Asia
Taipei Taiwan TPE schedule from CTS to TPE Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 4h 17m BRCITRTZMM EVA Air,China Airlines,Tiger Airways,Scoot,Peach, Asia Eastern Asia
Kaohsiung Taiwan KHH schedule from CTS to KHH Kaohsiung International Airport 5h 0m CI China Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Bangkok Thailand BKK schedule from CTS to BKK Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport 8h 50m TGHB Thai Airways International,Homer Air, Asia Southeastern Asia
Hong Kong Thailand HKG schedule from CTS to HKG Hong Kong International - Chek Lap Kok 6h 5m CXHX Cathay Pacific,Hong Kong Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia KUL schedule from CTS to KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport 9h 52m D7 AirAsia X, Asia Southeastern Asia
Singapore Singapore SIN schedule from CTS to SIN Changi International Airport SQTR Singapore Airlines,Tiger Airways, Asia Southeastern Asia
Agana, Guam Guam GUM schedule from CTS to GUM Guam International Airport 5h 40m UA United Airlines, Oceania Micronesia
Honolulu, Hawaii United States HNL schedule from CTS to HNL Honolulu International Airport 8h 50m HA Hawaiian Airlines, North America Northern America Hawaii
Russia UUS schedule from CTS to UUS Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk 1h 20m HZ Aurora, Europe Northern America Hawaii