Gimpo Destinations and AirlinesThe destinations, direct connections and airlines operating in Gimpo - Seoul

DestinationCountryIATA linkAirport AirlinesAirlines 11 1
Pohang South Korea KPO schedule from GMP to KPO Pohang Ab 1h 55m LJ Jin Air, Asia Eastern Asia
Ulsan South Korea USN schedule from GMP to USN Ulsan 1h 58m KELJBX Korean Air,Jin Air,Air Busan,Hi Air, Asia Eastern Asia
Yeosu South Korea RSU schedule from GMP to RSU Yosu Airport 1h 55m OZKELJ7C Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,Jin Air,Coyne Airways , Asia Eastern Asia
Busan South Korea PUS schedule from GMP to PUS Gimhae 1h 58m KELJBXTW7C Korean Air,Jin Air,Air Busan,Tway Air,Coyne Airways , Asia Eastern Asia
Daegu South Korea TAE schedule from GMP to TAE Daegu International Airport 0h 0m LJ Jin Air, Asia Eastern Asia
Jeju South Korea CJU schedule from GMP to CJU Jeju International Airport 1h 9m OZKELJBXZETW7CRS Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,Jin Air,Air Busan,Eastar Jet,Tway Air,Coyne Airways ,Sky Regional Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Gwangju South Korea KWJ schedule from GMP to KWJ Kwangju Ab 1h 55m OZLJ Asiana Airlines,Jin Air, Asia Eastern Asia
Chinju South Korea HIN schedule from GMP to HIN Sacheon AB 1h 58m KE Korean Air,Hi Air, Asia Eastern Asia
Tokyo Japan HND schedule from GMP to HND Haneda 2h 10m OZKENHJL Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,All Nippon Airways,Japan Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Osaka, Honshu Japan KIX schedule from GMP to KIX Kansai International Airport 2h 41m OZKE7C Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,Coyne Airways , Asia Eastern Asia
Shanghai, Shanghai China SHA schedule from GMP to SHA Hongqiao International Airport 2h 4m OZKEMUFM Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,China Eastern Airlines,Shanghai Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Beijing China PEK schedule from GMP to PEK Capital 2h 10m OZKECZCA Asiana Airlines,Korean Air,China Southern Airlines,Air China, Asia Eastern Asia
China PKX schedule from GMP to PKX Beijing Daxing CZ China Southern Airlines, Asia Eastern Asia
Taipei Taiwan TSA schedule from GMP to TSA Taipei Songshan 3h 43m BRCITW EVA Air,China Airlines,Tway Air, Asia Eastern Asia